Time Management System (TMS)

V3Visions gives companies an easy way to automate their workforce management processes. Accessible from any computer with Internet access, TMS provides the tools to know exactly where and how your workforce dollars are spent. Supervisors can run reports against employee data to perform job costing, control departmental costs, monitor staffing, track benefit administration and more. Employees can clock in and out, enter request for vacation and sick time, transfer labor hours, submit time sheets, and check benefit accruals and review hours worked. This data is immediately saved in the TMS database where it is available to managers for access to real-time workforce data and manage compliance risk. Biometric validation can also be integrated into the TMS system.

Through Web-based technology, self-service makes it easy to create and support numerous touch points between the organization and the employee. There are five types of users who use this website. They are:


1. Part-time hourly w/benefits Employees.

2. Full-time Hourly Employees

3. Full-time Salaried Employees

4. Employees on behalf of others

5. Supervisors

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